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PSL/PSA - Future

The section about PSL/PSA - Present identified some of the plans for the present and immediate future.

At the moment, the longer term view of PSL/PSA has four key elements:

  1. PSL-lite - the goal of this is to have a simplified (simplified in terms of the last version of PSL/PSA - but that contained a lot of very obscure relations which will be removed for PSLlite) version available as an open source project. This would make PSL available in a functioning form to everyone. As an open source project, it would be worthwhile for many people to help with its subsequent development. However, initial seed funding is needed to get this into the public domain.
  2. PSL/PSA - this will be made available again in a form similar in functionality to the product as it was last available. فيتامين سي At the moment, this is seen as a replacement of PSL/PSA v6.0. However, that version evolved partly in response to some very specific needs of some of the original project sponsors. Quite a few people have been trying to understand why some features were added. Therefore it is possible that what emerges is a replacement full product based more on a wider discussion of system requirements modelling needs.
  3. metaPSL - this is a backroom meta-meta-modellling tool. حروق الشمس It is used to create languages such as PSL. There are no plans to make it available generally, although it may be made available to organizations who have needs for variant or completely different languages and associated with training courses for Language Definers.
  4. Supplementary Tools - decisions will be taken whether or not to make available replacements for some  تبييض الأسنان بزيت جوز الهند important addon tools such as Completeness and Consistency Checking, Automated Specification Generation, and View Integration System (preparing corporate data models and performing canonical syntheses to support normalization).

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