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Welcome to PSL/PSA

Welcome to the home page for PSL/PSA, probably the world's most powerful requirements modelling toolkit.

PSL/PSA - problem statement language/problem statement analyzer, as a concept, is more than 40 years old. It has not been available for several years now, although some organizations still retain copies which are used for complex system modelling projects. That is about to change!

Work is now under-way to make psl/psa available once again. It is being brought up to date for a modern platform and will be available in various versions. The new versions of psl/psa will not be porting or updating previously existing code - they will be rebuilt from the ground up implementing the concepts originally behind the tools.

This website provides details of the various projects underway. The website also contains material about the history of psl/psa.

Please register to participate in the website. Some material will be available publicly, but some will only be available to registered users. There is an associated discussion forum.

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